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MEDIAESTE is a modern full service agency. We offer the best creative projects, Social Network, Social Media, e-marketing, naming, trainings, advertisements, marketing films and campaigns, websites design and positioning. We employ the best professionals with international experience. We value the principles of professionalism, integrity, timeliness and do care for our customers' interests - this makes us successful.

With us running your professional Fanpage, you will get your product promoted, reach new customers and present yourself to the world.

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Positioning a brand

Boost your brand in the Internet.

Well-chosen elements

Appropriately matched marketing methods lead to success.

Precise analysis

With thorough, proprietary analytical programs we will adjust the activities to a specific target group.

Target - achieved

With our years of experience we achieve 100% targets.

MEDIAESTE Professional Agency

We will present you, your service, brand, product professionally and successfully. Check us out!


MEDIAESTE is the best brand for companies interested in running a professional Fanpage on Facebook.


MEDIAESTE is a direct response to the needs of young market. Thanks to a new quality of marketing, we affect the growth of corporate profits. The advantages of MEDIAESTE are: attractive design, textual value, modern technology, young but experienced employees, who are hungry for success for and on behalf of their customers, analytical skills, proper communication. Our advantages constitute benefits for our customers striving for success. Marketing with us is a piece of cake...

Thanks to LIKE quality sign, a growing number of companies appear on Facebook. It is currently the most effective and the cheapest method of customer acquisition from a carefully selected and defined target group.

  • Professionalism
  • Precision
  • Modernity
  • Design
  • Creativity
  • Results

Customer service process

We fully meet all our proposed assumptions accepted by a customer. Meeting Plan Design Approval Implementation Analysis.








We create the best projects for modern companies that have put a trust in us.
In our everyday work we value the principles of professionalism, integrity, timeliness and care for our customers' interests - this makes us successful and our customers satisfied.




It is currently the most effective and the cheapest method of acquiring a customer, waiting for a complete offer, from the Internet.
After careful consultation, we will take care of everything so you can relax and deal with other important duties. Your FP will be professional and efficient.
All contracts are signed for an indefinite period of time with one month's notice - without artificial and additional costs.
We do our best to start a fanpage as soon as possible, however, we reserve a limit of 12 hours to get familiar with a brand and market and to create professional graphic design.
Certainly, a detailed analysis is possible and we do use it to understand the needs of potential customers better. As for the audience, we always focus on a predetermined group.
The are no additional costs, everything is presented clearly so that customers know what they are paying for.

Additional facts

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Select a package tailored to your needs and pay online via PAYU.
Prices given are exclusive of VAT (23%). With all packages, we issue a VAT invoice.

  • 1500 € monthly
  • Creating an aesthetic graphic design for a page
  • Adapting fanpage to a customer’s product and selected target group
  • Setting key words and algorithms for the best positioning in search engines
  • Adding posts on a fanpage - up to 30 - 40 per month
  • Active gaining of “likes“ for a fanpage from a customer’s target group
  • "Like it" for fans‘ comments
  • Moderating comments on a fanpage
  • Possibility of organizing contests
  • Monthly activity report
  • Responding to fans comments and messages
  • Daily analysis of statistics and fanpage visits in order to adjust adverts acquiring customers
  • Additional activities promoting a page outside Facebook
  • Detailed monthly activity report
  • Company’s page service on Twitter
  • Company’s page service on Google +
  • Monitoring and positive posts on professional portals and forums
  • Positioning primary keywords in Google
  • Internet marketing


We deal with widely understood internet marketing, from designing websites, running fanpages on Facebook to creating graphic designs.


We provide highly professional services using the latest technologies. We have an individual approach too each project and we act outside the box, you can be sure that your website will be unique. We run projects comprehensively, using extensive knowledge of programming in HTML/CSS, HTML5/CSS3, PHP, JAVASCRIPT, jQUERY, BOOTSTRAP 3 and data processing in MySQL. Our projects are compliant with W3C standards hence our websites are easy to google.

Advertising campaign on Facebook

The aim of an advertising campaign is to promote a company, a brand or a product on Facebook and reach an individual customer from a certain target group. An advertising campaign increases an interest in a fanpage – activity of individuals connected with the fanpage grows significantly so as a group of fans. Each of our campaign is prepared individually, tailored to your needs.


Webinar is an online training enabling a communication between a lecturer and participants. It is conducted using a wide range of dedicated software enabling a real time audio-visual transmission during which a lecturer and participants can see and contact each other, share data and make presentations. Webinar is a perfect choice for trainings conducted internally in a company. It is also a good solution for individuals who wish to widen their knowledge on a particular matter.


Do you want to know even more about Social Media sites? Sign up for Social Media training, which includes complete knowledge and practical exercises: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Snapchat and Google. Become a Social Media expert by signing up for training today! Running a Fanpage, advertising on Facebook and full use of Social Media can be in your hands now. Get to know the world of Social Media together with us and become a specialist.

the best Social Media trainers

visits to the Client’s office, individual or group training

the most attractive prices of training, adjusted to suit your company and demands

now available your own mobile application and Facebook application

Arrange it with us now, call: +48 22 390 52 72 mail: facebook @

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